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Ninja Theory points its Xbox Series X to photorealism -

Ninja Theory points its Xbox Series X to photorealism –

Ninja Theory has released a new development video diary Project: Mara Per Xbox Series X. In it he shows the progress of the game and especially how he works to recreate it Photosynthetic environments.

In The movie, Tamim Antoniates, head of the creative team, known as “Reality Capture”, explains the technique the studio uses to recreate an apartment in a more realistic way, which should be used as a setting for the project: Mara:We are experiencing many things that we have not experienced before, one of which is a frantic capture of reality.

Part of the recreational process is taking samples of objects from the apartment, photographing and scanning them, and then using them to create more comprehensive practical resources that allow you to recreate objects in the game.

The apartment was modeled by Clear Angle Studios, which created the “dot cloud” of the space using Lidar (laser imaging detection and ranking) scanners.

Using these techniques, Ninda Theory wants to change the way artists act in its games, Antoniates explained: “Artists must not only create objects, but also create structures that can create an object and its infinite variations.

From the announcement, the project: Mara, meanwhile, remains a mysterious and fascinating project, using Ninja Theory to test new technologies and new techniques to tell stories through video games.

Project Mara03

Project Mara 01

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