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Nike PS5 is coming in May and they will be a hit!

Nike PS5 is coming in May and they will be a hit!

In 2018, Paul George talked about his PlayStation Phantom, which at the same time showed off the Fiji 2.5 shoe with lights and sounds tied to Sony’s console, and now the PlayStation 5 bundle is coming out in May.

Pictures showing two different color schemes of the Fiji 5X PS5 on Instagram at the end of March, accordingly Sneaker files, Both will go on sale in May.

Previous releases of PlayStation / Nike collaborations are very limited, so the chance to buy a pair is at least remote Get the real PlayStation 5 now. It should come as no surprise to most people who hold their head straight to Le Bon Coin or eBay to resell it, but if you’ve been trying to find consoles or sneakers, good luck.

An Instagram post indicates that the next PS5 Xnike PG5 will be released in May. While there is no specific date for this release, PS5 fans and sneaker collectors will be running out in a very short period of time just like the PS5. The release date for the shoe from Nike may be announced in the next few days, but so far, no one is sure.