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FIFA 21, News and Rumors: TOTS from the Premier League for sure, fundamental changes in the Weekend League in FIFA 22?

FIFA 21, News and Rumors: TOTS from the Premier League for sure, fundamental changes in the Weekend League in FIFA 22?

TOTS is set from the Premier League and the Weekend League could be shortened soon. All information and rumors about FIFA 21.

E.A. Sports football simulation Latest news and rumors about FIFA 21. All the information and leaks in circulation come here.

FIFA 21 keeps everything goal-updated!

FIFA 21, News: The Premier League squad for the season has been announced

E.A. The Premier League squad for the sports season was released on Thursday. It will be available on FIFA 21 from Friday evening.

Sovereign lead runner-up Manchester City will have some stars there. But there are surprises too!

You will find full points from the UK here!

FIFA News: Leaked names of basic Weekend League changes in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, the Ultimate team has fundamental changes to the popular mode FUT Champions. Related leaks were spread from the Twitter page of Ting Kinglongford.

Accordingly, the Weekend League should be reduced to 30 games after the weekend to be history. However, the exact number of games is not provided.

Rewards for playing FUT Champions will also be adjusted according to the site. Special cards from players are still part of the rewards, but the best performing gamblers should also get the best version of their respective cards.

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In recent times, the Twitter page has attracted attention with constant leaks, which ultimately resembles reality.

FIFA 21, News: Voting opens at Bundesliga TOTS

Finda players now have the opportunity to vote for the Season Team (TOTS) from the Bundesliga.

TOTS players will receive a card in FIFA 21 that is above their normal strength level. Here users can choose their personal first 11.

Eventually, 15 professionals will be added to the squad, with the following players to be selected from the Bundesliga:


  • Castles (Wolfsburg)
  • Kikivich (Augsburg)
  • Kulasi (Leipzig)
  • Neuer (Bavaria)
  • Ortega (Peelfeld)


  • Angelino (Leipzig)
  • Baku (Wolfsburg)
  • Brooks (Wolfsburg)
  • Davis (Bavaria)
  • Friedrich (Union Berlin)
  • Warrior (Dortmund)
  • Thug (Freiburg)
  • Hummels (Dortmund)
  • Sosa (Stuttgart)
  • Trimmal (Union Berlin)


  • Arnold (Wolfsburg)
  • Palmcardner (Hoffenheim)
  • Cunha (Hertha B.Sc.)
  • Tone (Peelfeld)
  • Endo (Stuttgart)
  • Koretska (Bavaria)
  • Griffo (Freiburg)
  • Kamata (Frankfurt)
  • Kimmich (Bavaria)
  • Caustic (Frankfurt)
  • Mல்லller (Bavaria)
  • Chicken (Leipzig)
  • Danny Olmo (Leipzig)
  • Sancho (Dortmund)
  • Stindl (Gladbach)


  • Bailey (Leverkusen)
  • Knabry (Bayern)
  • Holland (Dortmund)
  • Kalajtjik (Stuttgart)
  • Grammaric (Hoffenheim)
  • Cruise (Union Berlin)
  • Lewandowski (Bavaria)
  • Andre Silva (Frankfurt)
  • Vamangiduka (Stuttgart)
  • Wehorst (Wolfsburg)

FIFA 21 Team of the Week: TOTW 31 with Griezmann, Kimberly and Co.

Every Wednesday at 7pm EA releases the new team of the week on FIFA 21. The TOTW 31 comes here with Griezmann and three Bundesliga experts.