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GCam sur Xiaomi

How to download GCam on your Xiaomi mobile: Easy method

Take the best photos on your Xiaomi mobile: Thanks to GCam: Getting the best version for your mobile is now easier than ever.

Using the Google Camera app called GCam has become one of the easiest and most convenient ways to improve camera quality on almost any cell phone. , This method is widely used by owners of Xiaomi mobile phones.

But sometimes, finding the most suitable version of GCam and the system that allows us to get the most out of our PTZ cameras is not as easy. Fortunately, a new application has arrived to make this process much easier.

Google Camera Processor GCam can be installed on most Xiaomi phones.

GCamloader, the application to get the best GCam on your Xiaomi mobile

The application in question is Gcamloader, and it is the latest creation of the Xiaomiui community.

Regardless of the brand, it is compatible with almost any mobile, this app includes a large collection of Xiaomi mobiles, so you can get the best apps and configuration for GCam.

The first step in getting the best GCam version for our mobile, of course, is to choose the mobile model. To do this, the application contains the most popular brands and models of each of them. However, it also includes a search engine that finds our model by entering its name.

Once detected, the app will display the recommended version of GCam for the device and a download button that will take us to the page where we can download the APK file. This file must be installed manually.

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Xiaomi phones with the best camera you can buy now

In most cases, you will also need to download an XML configuration file that will allow you to adjust the settings of the camera application to suit the device hardware. This file will be attached next to the apps download button found in the previous step and next to the text “Config”.

The XML file must be stored in a specific folder in the device’s internal storage, depending on the version of the Google Camera application installed. Usually this folder is in the “Downloads” directory. However, the instructions are detailed on the help page of the application.

How to download GCam on your Xiaomi mobile: Easy method

Once the process is complete the Google Camera app will be completely ready to use, and Xiaomi will completely redesign the camera processor to deliver the best image quality and utilize all the capabilities of the device’s sensors. Note, however, that some exclusive MIUI camera functions are not available in the Google Camera app.

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