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Free Games: Epic Game Store offers 5 new PC games for free download

Free Games: Epic Game Store offers 5 new PC games for free download

Written by Cecil D. April 15, 2021 at 12:19 p.m. Updated April 15, 2021 at 12:19 p.m.

Gamers, for your PCs: The Epic Games Store is giving us the best gifts this Thursday, April 15th, 2021. American Studio offers us five games to download for free. An opportunity not to be missed!

Again this week, Epic game Take good care of us. To not get bored during this period of imprisonment, the video game studio includes us as a gift. This Thursday 15 Avril, Five new games are downloaded for freeEpic Sports Shop. Hurry: You only have until April 22 to add them to your game library.

The PC players Varnished ones, they can be used to advantage Five new free games. Not only any! This week, find the package Deponia: The Complete Journey. An epic trilogy in Point & Click This takes us into a nice steampunk universe. This set includes games Terrain, Confusion in Deponia And Goodbye Deponia. Help Rufus fulfill his dreams and thwart the conspiracies of corrupt rulers.

The fourth game to be offered this week comes from the same studios that created Saga Deponia, Tadelik Entertainment. At this time, we are entering 12th century England, thanks to this very rich and wonderful story game. This Point & Click Video game adaptation of the novel by Ken Folet, Pillars of the Earth. Many rules are intertwined around the construction of the Gothic cathedral. The story is fascinating and the settings are simply amazing: Depart immediately to explore this game, which invites us to take our time and relax.

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Finally, download The first tree, A short story and dream-like game with breathtaking designs. This Study game It makes two stories live in parallel: a fox who wants to find his family, and a son who tries to reunite with his father, who lives in Alaska. A Thought play Very quiet with a moving story at times.

Last Chance for Lattocomers: April 15 until 5pm, you still have a chance to download for free 3 in 10 season two, A supercharged and very fun game, reminiscent of superhero cartoons to pick up.