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Nichento is patenting to sell more games to you on eShop

After crossing the desert commonly known as the “We U”, Nintendo is back on the ground with the Switch, which has been offered mostly from an online store since its launch in March 2017, even when it comes very close. -Full. Fortunately, the builder hopes to guide your options soon.

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Sell ​​better to sell more: This is what we might compile New patent invention From a Japanese manufacturer. Sometimes confronted with an esophagus with boundaries of enrichment and enchanting with relatively unequal quality releases, Nintendo would say well by suggesting “their next favorite game” as a competitor, to guide lost or intimidated players, thanks to a mechanism of its own. American.

Notice if I catch you there

The document was submitted in September 2019 and was recently released by the portal The purpose of the patent Nintendo reveals that it believes in posting to evaluate every game. Although gamers still can’t rate or review games in the online store, Nintendo seems to have come up with their own set:

The system saves or accesses the diversity of data records based on how users’ diversity interacts with at least one video game. The system generates a social average for a game based on the multiplicity of data available.

Graphics provides an understanding of Nintendo’s computational system, which generates scores based on the number of players and hours played. : The more players play the more time, a title will be considered “best”, then “honest” and finally “bad”.

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Depending on your own tastes powerful in your gaming history, Nintendo may highlight games that will get you out once again:

There are thousands of different video games for consumers, many types, genres, features … Information about games that a person likes (or dislikes) can be useful. Any new games (or old undiscovered games) may be particularly suitable for him. In fact, with the ever-increasing number of video games, it can be hard for some to find titles that appeal to them, as new (and old) games can slip into large lists with a wide list.

Obviously, this does not allow us to say anything about whether or not this method will be used by the manufacturer, because the “intrinsic code” in question here goes back to the fall of 2019. Will you soon have a hidden lighthouse to guide you through the jungle? eShop’s? The answer may surprise you …