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Counter Strike, a fan creates a port for the Nintendo DS • video game zone!

Counter Strike, a fan creates a port for the Nintendo DS • video game zone!

Definitely the most nostalgic players will remember Counter-strike, Was seen as a half-life mod, and was released in 2000 as a complete product. The younger players will certainly have continuity in its hands, Counter-strike: Global offensive, Released in 2012 and updated by Wall for many years. The popular Dust 2 map, which has certainly entered the general imagination of gamers and has been reported in various formats in various video games, is one of the most loved by players around the world.

Recently a Fan in counter-strike, Also known by the nickname Less, To say the least showed a short clip on YouTube showing a crazy plan: Ann Nintendo DS Port of the game as Home of Light. From the information published by the author it seems that this project was Done with Nitro engine, An open source project for creating 3D games on the Nintendo DS. Within twenty seconds of the video, a “low poly” version of the game was shown, but running at an acceptable framerate, at least on the Dust 2 map. The port allows you to aim and shoot through the touchscreen with the console’s stylus, while other functions – such as reloading and jumping – have not yet been introduced.

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