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Ravezzani scarica sul Milan: Il 2 maggio errore gravissimo con Gigio

Ravesani dies in Milan: Serious mistake with Gigio on May 2 | Social | Social | Game and go

Unlike the fans there are those who defend Gigio தொன்னாரும்மா On exit from Milan. This is about Fabio Ravesani. Telelombardia journalist writes on Twitter

It seems that Tonnarumma has decided to leave on her own Milan Even in the absence of immediate proposals. The question arises: why? Do you disagree with management? Bored? Distrust of future prospects? But, after all, did this really happen? Go. Leaders allowed of course Ultra Entering the retreat on May 2 for a face-to-face confrontation with Donnerumma was a very serious mistake. That alone will not come back.

The reactions were staggering: “Of course it was a mistake, but everyone had already given up You I remember the broadcast, you are only mixing to say that it was already there beyond the face of Milan I really think something more serious because they allowed the meeting “or even:” or Ultra may have already been Know Everything and they wanted to warn me not to do tonarumma … until the end of the season … “or:” I’ll tell you enough with this story. Great star player (looks) but a real omnigo “

Some support Ravesani’s thesis: “But we do not say Stories He wants to make me understand that he does not feel “poor or even insecure” by management: “Everything was already decided on May 2. Wake up “or:” Director but what a non-return !! The Neapolitan play has been going on for months: Finally: “The Milan administration is slandering, they are in the Champions League and are buying from the Europa League”.

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