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Virtual Mexico with over 500 cars

Virtual Mexico with over 500 cars

If you’re wondering what the new Xbox racing game is all about, you should check out the opening: A plane hovers over Mexico. It landed a new car on top of the volcano. As a miracle, the cart does not land on the lava, but goes on the gravel road by parachute. The engine is already running. Players may depart without warning.

This is what “Forza Horizon 5” is all about: the spectacular racing nonsense displayed in the beautiful backdrop of Mexico. Those who value reality should wait for the next “Forza Motorsport”. There are more than 500 realistically mentioned cars in the arcade series “Horizon”, but it is less likely to move them as quickly and smoothly as possible. This involves accelerating a slope, traveling 500 meters in the air, smashing multiple cactuses while landing and showering points and bonuses for doing so.

Fun at the wheel

“Forza Horizon 5 ″ wants to be the ultimate car fun game and it depends on the size. A lot of things are fun here, but it also applies to noisy children’s rooms. “Tell the players what activities they can do as part of. The bracket of the fantasy racing event is not particularly concerned, but it’s the most boring part of the game.

After the first batch of exercises, the best way to get an overview is to look at the map. Numerous events and discoveries are placed in the largest game world with eleven different types of terrain. A lot emerges gradually. However, the brightly colored icons on the map struggle for players’ attention.

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“Forza Horizon 5” offers driving fun with every imaginary companion in the background of Mexico. © Quelle: Playground Games

Everything you can drive

As a rule, several goals are pursued simultaneously. Players earn a new car, turn it around, find a new home they can buy, and then get a clue about a vintage car hidden in a shed. Along the way, players clear as many signs as possible in order to gain experience points or reduce high-speed travel costs. These have nothing to do with the various racing events scattered on the map.

The plan also includes so-called “trips”, in which new corners of the map are presented. If you think you’ve seen it all, you can adapt to the seasonal challenges of getting rare cars. There are also various multiplayer modes; Not only do friends compete against each other, they can connect as a column.

Catching games with cars and fun mini-games in a tricky park full of curves and large cones is also part of it. In addition, players can take photos, design cars, create races and events themselves and share content with others.

Lost in the jungle

Properly preparing all the offers and content would have been a challenge. Large selection of game menus ended up in the game with piles of boxes of different sizes. Numerous colorful symbols on the map obscure each other. Over time it is possible to get to know yourself in a mess of filter options, submenus and different game coins, but the mess can be annoying.

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It is good that the Force is not giving its players too much time to grieve. Anyone who sits in the car and runs towards the horizon does everything right. During the exploration, events that players can start by pressing a button are displayed. If you do not always have to play something specific, you can allow the help system to guide you to the next challenge.

The races in “Forza Horizon 5” go through every landscape imaginable. © Quelle: Playground Games

Everyone can board the ship

So finding specific goals can cause frustration; Chasers, on the other hand, continue to be rewarded. Simply racing in the area brings new discoveries on the map and experience points for the current car. You get points for driving more races. It depends on the occasional win, most of the time there are points and credits for participating. There is a very wide range of difficulty.

Microsoft does not want to create any barriers in front of its game, but rather wants to make access as unrestricted as possible. Especially in offline mode, the game can be controlled not only easily and clearly, but also slowly with many options.

A milestone

“Forza Horizon 5” offers a lot of content, it feels like a set of games – very light or hard, in deserts, narrow streets, muddy slopes and dense forests, lap, rally or fun stunts.

The game is technically believable. The Xbox Series X has the flawless, smooth 4K racing fun without loading times. It also looks great on the S series, but is annoying with the obvious pop-in, only appearing when the roadside details are visible for a long time. We have not tested versions for Xbox One and PC.

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While many events are a trick here, if the menus are annoying and not fully thought out at all: “Forza Horizon 5” is an event and one of the best games of the season. This is one of the best selling points of Microsoft’s Xbox Campus gaming agency. This is because the standard version of “Forza Horizon 5” can be run for free on the campus. Otherwise, the title will cost 60 to 70 euros for PC and Xbox.