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New TV commercial for Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch

New TV commercial for Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch

With Monster Hunter Rice on the Nintendo Switch, Capcom released a new JP TV ad in Japan later this year.

Monster Hunter Rice A Action / RPG It will carry players The beautiful village of Kamura, A new place to attract visitors Unique culture and innovative hunting techniques. As the hunters put on their armor and choose one of the different types of weapons, new stockings such as the ancient ruins of the Forgotten Temple and many more await them. For the first time, the monster “hooked” actions “Philoptera“, It can be done standing or in the open, Allow innovative aerial maneuvers Promoting new attacks and hunting strategies.

Monster Hunter Rice Introduced New partners Called hunting Chomsky, “Kane” comrades Customized and overlapped It will provide players New attack options, When Bats, Returning as the well-known “Felin” from the Monster Hunter universe Support characters Through various acts such as healing.

As players defeat monsters and advance through the game, items from fallen enemies will be used to design unique weapons and armor that will increase their chances of victory and survival. Hunters can take on these challenges alone or with three other players in a local or online co-op game, all of which will experience the versatility of the system. Nintendo Switch, Which allows you to hunt with anyone anywhere, anytime!

In addition to the standard version (physical and digital) of Monster Hunter Rise, a special deluxe digital version includes a standard version of the game, as well as a voucher for a redeemable digital DLC pack. Featured bonus game content such as special “Kamurai” armor package, exclusive moves, cosmetics and more.

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