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New to Whatsapp: These long-awaited functions should come in 2022

New to Whatsapp: These long-awaited functions should come in 2022

New Year brings some updates to WhatsApp users. Messenger promises innovations in voice messages and image quality.

கேசல் – Share* Considered the most popular messenger service and used by more than two million people worldwide. Even after the acquisition of Facebook group Meta, the news app is still popular. By updating personal functions and new features as part of personal updates, the company wants to keep its ambassador constantly updated.

Many innovations are planned for 2022. In addition to the new functionality for improved image quality and voice messaging, there will soon be changes to emoji reactions and group chats for messages.

Whatsapp with innovations: New functions for better picture quality and voice messaging

In the current version of Whatsapp, photos and videos are compressed when sent, which degrades the quality, especially in terms of sharpness. However, that should change soon. With the new feature of Messenger, you can send photos and videos in the best quality.

The popular Whatsapp Messenger will continue to offer some interesting innovations to its users in 2022. (Icon)

© Lino Mirkeller / DPA

The company also announces an amazing innovation for popular voice messages. Until now, when listening to voice messages, users could not switch to other chats without blocking the recording. In the future, voice chat will be able to leave the chat as it continues in the background.

Messenger also wants to introduce a pause function for voice messages. With the help of the “Pause” button, users can pause during the registration and resume recording.

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Whatsapp innovations: React to messages with emojis and new group activities

As users on other sites such as Facebook or Instagram are already familiar with, the Whatsapp Messenger service plans to launch soon: users can respond to messages quickly and easily without sending their own message. In the future, Whatsapp will be able to respond to messages directly through emojis.

Application Share
Establishing A section of Facebook since 2009, 2014 (meta)
Active users More than 2 billion people worldwide according to Whatsapp (as of 11/2021)

Also, the ambassador wants to introduce the so-called “communities”. According to media reports, this is a kind of superordinate group that has many group chats. In this context, group administrators should be given more rights, for example, to remove messages from other users’ groups.

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