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Vous venez davoir une Nintendo Switch Suivez nos guides

New to the Nintendo Switch? Follow our guides!

Today is December 24, 2021 If you add her to your list, go to Dad Christmas (Or St. Nicholas), You can get one tonight or tomorrow. We’re obviously talking about the best current console (Objectively of course …), The Nintendo-Switch And its two Light and OLED repetitions. You are lucky, our site Switch-message Includes its messages! Over the years, we have been providing you with various guides on the use or purchase of different parts or games. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with links to some of these articles today.

First use of the Nintendo Switch

This guide did not come from us, but Nintendo France Directly. This is a very accurate video that shows step by step the first start of A Nintendo Switch, You can enjoy your games until the home screen appears.

The best free games on the Nintendo Switch

Is on Nintendo-Switch Numerous paid games, but it would be a shame to forget some topics that are accessible for free to everyone. Since you have to choose, we have decided to offer you the best games Free On the switch, you know where to start; Nothing stops you from digging a little eShop To try others. Bonus point: Free games do not require a subscription to play online.

The best racing games in Switzerland

Racing games Nintendo Switch, It doesn’t run on the streets, it has to be admitted. We have not yet come to FBS, which is one of the less popular genres on our favorite computer, but it can be hard to find a good racing game. Click. To help you, I’ll give you the best titles of the genre on the hybrid console, as I have been able to test many of them. Nintendo.

On all other consoles, this is possible Nintendo-Switch Buy dematerialized games, i.e. by downloading. That’s for sure eShop It happens, Switch’s game store, you can buy it in stores or on the Internet. “eShop cards“. Once the code for these is logged into your Nintendo account, you will have to spend some.

How to buy and use eShop card in Switch?

Nintendo Switch Online

From September 2018, the Nintendo-Switch To play most of the games online, a subscription to the paid service is required. Yes Fortnight, Among other things, its gaming status is not affected Free to play, This subscription was rejected under three charges (Unexpectedly?) Forced on others. So you can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions at different prices. The good news is, there is a small 7 day trial.

Nintendo Switch Online Rankings of Nintendo 64 Games Offering Extra Pack

If you have subscribed Nintendo Switch Online, You may have noticed that there is a “”.Extra pack“, A little more expensive. If you want to immerse yourself in games Nintendo 64 Presented there, we have already prepared for you to repeat the top of these retro titles effortlessly.

What is the SD card for your Nintendo Switch?

This is a question that deserves to be asked on this console. With a small internal storage of 32GB (or even 64GB for the OLED model), running out of space is not too complicated when you want to install your brand new game. eShop From the console. Even if you only buy the games in the physics version, this memory will be saturated with updates or even when the game requires additional installation. So we offer all the tips to choose the best micro SD card to maximize your maximum storage. Nintendo Switch.

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