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New to Safari, Health, News and Maps

New to Safari, Health, News and Maps

The new features of iOS 15 will be released this Monday, June 7th WWDC 2021. Rumors of this next big update to Apple’s mobile operating system have been relatively low in recent weeks, but some more blinds have to wait. In particular, a Jonah Stern tweeted, The Wall Street Journal journalist who is unfamiliar with rumors, but who is well known: he announces that there will be significant improvements to safari, health use, programs and iMessage.

As for iMessage, it looks like it was actually purchased: Many displays used by Apple To encourage the use of WWDC graphic components of the courier service. However, we do not know what the new features are: we will have to wait until Monday evening to learn more.

A month ago, Mark Kurman gave it to us Other blindfolded, Trigger new ways to manage notifications, redesigned home screen for iPod (capable of placing widgets anywhere), redesigned lock screen and new options to better manage your personal life. Today, he gives more details BloombergAnnounces that the advanced multitasking system, especially for the iPod, and the redesigned screen lock will only be partial, with some changes apparently postponed to iOS 16 next year. Mark Kurman says the new features of the MacOS 12 will be relatively small, as will the features of the TVOS 15. On the other hand, the Apple Watch will receive some interface improvements and new health-related features with the WatchOS8.

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