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New QR code to download Vaccine Pass: Who cares here

When you receive your reminder, is the duration of your vaccination license limited? This is a bug, health insurance guaranteed (© OceanProd / AdobeStock)

One Boss Expires from A complete vaccination schedule ? In this application I was able to find many French people Alandikovit.

This is really one ErrorRefers to the health insurance at the end of January 2022, which calls the persons concerned Download the new QR codeAnd this, this Tuesday, from February 1st.

Who cares about this?

These are the only ones Already recalled, And who has Have been diagnosed with Covit-19 before the first dose of the vaccineWhere Between the first and second dose. Therefore their complete vaccination schedule consists of only two doses (in most cases against three).

Beneficiaries of the early single dose vaccination schedule due to Govit-19 infection and those who do their booster after February 1st should not take any action.

Medical insurance

Why this error?

Despite being reminded of the health insurance system, these two measures do not work as a complete plan. Individuals involved were considered the primary vaccine.

It is marked 2/2 on the certificate and the expiration date is stated: “This note It is not known whether the person has received his booster dose. As a result, the vaccine has a limited duration of pass, ”explains Health Insurance.

Example of incomplete certification
Example of incomplete certification (©

what to do ?

You have to go Amelie website, Identify themselves and Download the new certificate. You need to scan the QR code through the TuusantiCovid application. It goes last Automatically Update certificate.

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If you have difficulties, Amelie insists, “You can go to a pharmacy or use your doctor’s advice to get your certificate printed.”

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What will change?

From this Tuesday, the vaccine will be included in the certificate Rating 2/1 Indicate that an injection was given as part of the initial vaccine and an injection was given as part of the booster.

If the vaccination certificate is not renewed, the duration of the vaccination pass will be limited to seven months from the date of reminder, until February 15, 2022, and four months from the date of reminder until February 15, 2022.

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