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“New option only for Samsung smartphones”

WhatsApp’s latest news is not liked by users, they gathered on social networks to criticize the choices made by the team.

WhatsApp logo (Pixabay)

Again Share It is a heavy hole in the water as users of the popular app on social networks have gone wild. It’s hard not to understand them because they promise important messages But – to date – the situation is more complicated than one might think.

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WhatsApp: Another mistake from Facebook

WhatsApp logo (Pixabay)

Despite all the news announced in recent weeks, WhatsApp was able to make a big mistake; As has happened recently, something more costly for users. In fact, many have switched from WhatsApp to Telegram After the former misconduct regarding the new rules for privacy.

As if this were not enough, these days they have provoked chaos by advancing in the most misguided way possible on the backup front. Not so long ago, in fact, the Facebook team promised to solve a serious problem for users: the inability to transfer backups from iOS to Android and vice versa.. Different operating systems store data in different formats and, above all, this option is not possible due to Google Drive for Apple’s iCloud and all other devices.

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The situation appeared to be at a turning point, however, WhatsApp was already talking about a solution in his pocket; Already at the time of the announcement, however, fans were not satisfied because we immediately talked about cable usage and the need for a PC. Not particularly as clear as the second appears, because many do not have a thank you for the possibility of using other supports.

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Also, backups are only possible if the latest news is transferred from iOS to the latest model, the Samsung – Galaxy Z series. Also known as a foldable smartphone. But today comes another bad news: The transfer is only possible if you have Samsung with Android 10 or higher version. Users immediately criticized the choice, mocking the company’s earlier claim that the update was not yet available at this time. If WhatsApp pulls the rope further, it may break and users may move permanently to Telegram.