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New Nintendo Switch eShop releases

New Nintendo Switch Releases (September 21-25, 2020) – Thumb sticks

Another Nintendo Direct, another raft release of the Nintendo Switch. One of today’s picks is The Long Dark.

Nintendo has developed a habit of doing the old “and it’s available in Ishop” trick during its live shows. In the summer of uninterrupted video press conferences and 15-minute trailers for wall-to-wall Geoff Keegley and games we will never see again in a few years, which is a pretty little feature, an instant dopamine hit.

And Nintendo used it a few times during its September 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase. There are games we know are coming at some point Hades, And games we don’t like Ori and the Will of the Whips. But they still had a good surprise.

Then there is The Long Dark, A fantastic, winter survival epic from the Hinterland games. It also got a surprising experiment on the Nintendo Switch today. This is a lovely turn of events for some reason:

  1. Long Dark is really good.
  2. Last we heard, the performance of the game on the switch is very poor, so it’s nice to be in a position to fit the release now.

There is also an amazing launch trailer to mark the occasion:

Meanwhile, Hinterland head Honcho and The Long Dark Director Raf von Lirope took to Twitter to address some of the players’ confusion, exceptionally, the trailer was not particularly vague.

We are looking to go into the wilderness and play The Long Dark Later this year. You know when it comes Really Cold.

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