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Increase your creativity in ART SQOOL on the Nintendo Switch

Red Deer Games announces Julian Glander’s Art School Simulator ART SQOOL It will be released on the Nintendo Switch next month.

You play as Froshmin‌ and this is your new year. You have to create art, explore the beautiful yet mysterious campus and complete the tasks that your professor – the neural network and art-trained AI – gives you.

When your professor uses high-end technology to grade your work objectively and asks you to transfer an object from the play area to the virtual canvas, you need to paint the horse for another task.

“Graphic sensibility and humor from the very early Nintendo titles had a huge impact on my artistic practice, so it was a great honor to be on some of my all-time favorites on the same platform. I’m really super psychedelic to see what people do using the touch screen,” Glander explained.

“ART SQOOL is definitely saying something about arts education, and how art and creativity relate and often push against the harsh systems of our world. But you can turn your brain off and have a great time drawing and exploring and listening to music.”

ART SQOOL will be released worldwide in October 2020 on the Nintendo Ishop‌ for the Nintendo Switch.

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