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New MOBA for Nintendo Switch

The new Pokemon Moba is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Source: Pokemon Company; Tencent, Timmy Studio Team

With Pokemon Unite On July 21 a new MOBA was released for the Nintendo Switch. This is Pokemon’s first strategy team fighting game and is now available for free download from Nintendo iShop. In the Pokemon Unit, players compete with each other in 5-to-5 team fights, taking on the role of small creatures. During these battles, players collaborate with their teams to defeat the wild Pokமொmon and create their own Pokமொmon. You must defeat the opposing Pokemon and try to collect more points than the opposing team within the specified time.

In addition to the switch release, the game will also appear on smartphones this September (iOS, Android). Cross-platform matches between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices are then scheduled. So players can fight against and against each other regardless of their hardware. In addition, game progress is stored online; This requires a Nintendo account or a Pokemon Trailer Club account. If the data is synced, players can continue to play on another platform at any time.

Pokemon Unit Trailer

Pokemon Unite: Season 1 Battle Pass

Just in time for the launch of Pokemon Unit on the Nintendo Switch, the first season of the game begins: Welcome to the Eos! (English: Welcome to Ayos Island!) During the season, players can increase their battle pass levels and receive rewards for daily and weekly trips. In addition, players who purchase the premium pass will have the opportunity to reap even more benefits, including Holloware Hip-Hop Style: Picachu and Captain Style: Cinderella.

Pokemon United Zero
If you download Pokemon Unit now, you will receive Zero as a welcome gift.

If you enter the game by August 31, 2021, you will also receive a unit license for Zerora – a particularly powerful Pokemon. Zerora Covering the distance between himself and his enemies with lightning speed, causing massive damage at the same time. His Unite Move Plasma Gale transmits a powerful electric shock, which creates a plasma zone around the shock area, so it acts as a shield.

Tencent is behind the Pokemon unit

Pokemon was created by United Timmy Studios Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games. This is another online title for joining the ranks of the major Chinese clubs. Tencent now owns shares in several popular brands, most notably Fortnight (Epic Games) and of course the League of Legends of Riot Games, which the company acquired in 2015.

Pokemon Unit Screen Shots

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