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New Map Season 1 Exposure and 64-Player Mode -

New Map Season 1 Exposure and 64-Player Mode –

Battlefield 2042 Will be updated with various news at this time Season 1, Which has one New map, New experts and various features, including a 64-player mode on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

After the third update came out last weekend, a new patch is planned for the end of December, followed by another major updateIn early 2022.

We are waiting for a more precise date in this regard and we know that there is a new map in the most important news in this update. Encountering, Which does not have much information yet but has been confirmed by EA on GameSpot.

The expression map should be an important invention for Battlefield 2042, so DICE considers it to be “bringing map design”. New level“Although not diminished, the issue is not further explored. With 2022, Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 will also be coming, which will bring additional news related to online activity.

There is something new in the new additions planned with Season 1 Expert, new weapons, gadgets and vehicles And additional game modes. Speaking of instant news, a matchmaking mode will be added by December for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Allows you to take part in wins and breakthroughs with up to 64 players on the S, reducing player cap to less confusing games. Improving general performance.

Recently, the EA decided to revolutionize the battlefield series by arranging it differently, appointing Vince Chambella of Response as the person in charge of the project and involving Hollow’s father Marcus Lehto with his new team.

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