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New links for Windows 11 are in view

New links for Windows 11 are in view

Anyone who has joined the beta or release preview channel can now download the latest update for Windows 11. Relaunched under the name KB5010414, it brings many improvements and fixes. It should then be taken to the general public.

Microsoft yesterday Explained No insider update available Development Channel This week. The reason is simple: “The design developed by the company’s engineers did not meet the required standards for publication”. This will be the second week without any updates on the Dev channel. It’s rare to point it out, but on the one hand, it happens, and your PC screen glows blue because it’s not finished enough.

For those in town Beta channel Where Release Preview However, the good news is that you can now get a fresh update. Do not expect new features since the KB5010414 is a minor update, but it still has the potential to bring more than twenty fixes. Here is the changelog released by Microsoft. To download the update, go to your PC Settings> Windows Update as usual.

  • We fixed a problem when running Windows Server 2016 as a terminal server using some cloud computing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). As a result, the servers stop responding roughly after running for a while. It also fixes the lag of pre-checking that CSharedLock in rpcss.exe is set up correctly to avoid crashing.
  • Fixed an issue where settings for non-admin users could simply show a list of time zones.
  • We fixed an issue that affected the Windows Search service and occurred while querying using the Proximity Operator.
  • Fixed an issue where Task Manager did not show attack values ​​at startup.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ShellWindows () from retrieving Internet Explorer stuff while running iexplore.exe in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode.
  • We have provided the ability to share cookies between Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode and Microsoft Edge.
  • We’ve fixed an issue affecting dialog boxes in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode did not work when pressing the F1 key.
  • We fixed an issue that caused incorrect cleaning of Dynamic Data Exchange (DTE) objects. This prevents the session from being mounted and stops a session.
  • We have fixed the issue of printing not working properly for some low integrity process applications.
  • Introducing Support for Windows Hello for Business Cloud Trust. This is a new deployment model for Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Deployments. For Fast Identity Online (FIDO) security keys, it uses the same technology and deployment steps that support single login (SSO) on campus. Cloud Trust eliminates the public key infrastructure (PKI) requirements for Windows deployment and simplifies the Windows Hello for Business deployment experience.
  • While drivers are protected by Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) we fix a problem that prevents you from downloading and reloading drivers.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that affected the Silent BitLocker operating policy and may accidentally add a trusted operating system module (TPM) Defender.
  • We fixed a reliability issue that used a remote desktop utility to mount the client’s local drive during a terminal server session.
  • We fixed an issue that justified right-to-left (RTL) language text in file explorer command menus and context menus.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevents you from accessing the LanguagePackManagement Configuration Service Provider (CSP) using the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Bridge.
  • We have opened the Microsoft Office files in the recommended section of the browser start menu. This can happen if the device does not have the appropriate Microsoft Office license, and the file is stored on Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint. If licensed, the file will be opened in the desktop application.
  • Fixed an incompatibility issue between the keyboard in the Remote Desktop session and the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client when connecting.
  • When you connect other monitors to your device, we have added clock and date to other monitors’ taskbar.
  • If the taskbar is centered, we have added the weather content on the left side of the taskbar. When you hover over the weather, the widgets panel appears on the left side of the screen and disappears when you stop hovering over that area.
  • We have added the ability to share open application windows directly from your taskbar at the Microsoft Teams call.
  • After hovering over other icons such as battery, volume or wifi, we fixed an issue that caused false tips to appear in the empty area of ​​the taskbar.
  • We & # 39 ;re fixed a problem when you try to spell your service primary name (SPN) alias (such as www / FOO), and HOST / FOO already exists in another sense. If the SPN attribute of the conflicting object has RIGHT_DS_WRITE_PROPERTY, you will get the error “Access denied”.
  • We fixed the issue of disconnecting offline files on the network drive after rebooting the OS and signing in. This problem can occur if the distributed file system (DFS) path is mapped to the network drive.
  • We fixed the issue of displaying the authentication dialog twice when loading the network drive.
  • We have added support for hot adding and removing non-volatile memory (NVMe).
  • We’ve added the ability to instantly disable and reactivate Microsoft Teams calls from your taskbar. During the call, the active microphone icon will appear on the taskbar, so you can easily mute the sound without having to return to the Microsoft panel call window.
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