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Hot Wheels Now Unleashed * Nintendo Connect

Hot Wheels Now Unleashed * Nintendo Connect

Racers can finally slide, cheer, jump – and … crash into iconic Orange Hot Wheels race tracks! The title includes unique single player modes including Hot Wheels City Rumble, in which players expand their collection of unique vehicles and track pieces in the face of races, time challenges and boss fights. In multiplayer racing, racing fans can challenge themselves online with up to twelve players (including cross-game via console family consoles from day one) or in offline split-screen mode.

This stage will feature 66 vehicles, including the best original designs of hot wheels from the brand’s 53-year history, such as the Ponshacker ™, Rodger Dodger Tw and Twin Mill Hot. There are also pop culture icons such as Batmobile from DC, Party Wagon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snooby from Peanut, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Back to the Future, NBC’s Night Rider and Kids from Vehicles. From Audi, Ford, Honda and many other original manufacturers.

Each vehicle has special features and unique levels that can be upgraded in the game. The Racing Team Editor also offers Hot Wheels original designs and the option to customize vehicles from original vehicle brands. Players can upload these unique works or download other designs from the community.

The hot wheels are unleashed Offers six environments, each with its own high-speed game world: garage, skyscraper, college campus, skateboard, track room (a special level specially designed to demonstrate the creative independence of the track builder feature) and site, players’ customizable room: furniture and accessories remodeled with hundreds of customization options Waiting to customize.

Track Builder is a unique feature used by Milestone’s developers to create game tracks themselves. This functionality allows players to create countless race track variations through various track builder modules. More than 20 modules are available for release, including T-Rex Escape, Spider Ambush and Hungry Cobra. Track Builder gives players the option to share their creations within the game or download fun from other players.

Competition on the track is exciting: players can constantly access new content The hot wheels are unleashed Be happy! The content program includes Street Fighter ™, Masters of the Universe DC, DC, Barbie icon and iconic brands of automotive brands with racing heritage such as Aston Martin, BMW and McLaren a.

In addition, free and premium DLCs are released at regular intervals, including exclusive themed expansion packages for vehicles, track building blocks, customization materials, and new contexts. Players will also have the opportunity to participate in racing sessions or take limited time challenges with new vehicles and special rewards.

Hot Wheels ™ Pass Module.1 consists of ten vehicles, three customization packages and three track construction modules and Hot Wheels ™ Batman expansion. The date will be announced after the completion of Volume 2 and Volume 3.