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"New Generation Windows" on Microsoft Tablets

“New Generation Windows” on Microsoft Tablets

The code name for the upcoming big Windows 10 update, Sun Valley, means something more important than just rotating the operating system (read: Microsoft: The “Big Sur” moment for Windows 10). During the Built Developers Conference, Satya Nadella Advertising « One of the most important Windows updates of the last decade “. Nothing less!

The publisher’s boss is mainly focused on developers and creators, for whom this future version will allow. ” Open up better economic opportunities »: We will create additional opportunities for Windows developers and welcome all creators who expect the most innovative, new and open site to create, distribute and profit from applications. .

Satya Nadella predicts the future of the Microsoft Store, which opens its doors and windows, hosts software distributed by developers and integrates their own payment methods (read: The future Microsoft Store is located opposite the App Store).

In addition to the store, the Sun Valley OS will update the entire interface, for example File Explorer Icons Windows (above). Microsoft will use resources previously used in the development of Windows 10X, Grind one stored on the shelf.

As Grief relief On the edge, CEO further states “ The new generation of Windows Not to mention Windows 10 in particular. Should we expect a change of number? Satya Nadella points out that more details will be given soon. Sun Fence is planned for this fall.