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A tool for freeing up space

A tool for freeing up space

From June 1st New Terms of Use Per Google Photo. Mountain View has published an article on the official blog reminding you of the upcoming deadline and announcing three new features, one of which allows you to free up space by deleting blurry images or large videos.

Google Photos: Function to save space

Until then June 1st Nothing will change, so users can upload photos and videos at “high quality” without compromising the 15GB of free storage. From that day on, the occupied space will be deducted from 15 GB. Google added one Screen It shows Evaluation for the remaining space. The frequency of the backups indicates how long the space will last.

Google will send you a notification and email when you have access to the free 15GB of occupied storage space. At that time the user can use the new tool allowed Create free space. Three types of content are displayed at the bottom of the screen: large photos and videos, blurred photos and screen shots. You can choose which ones to delete. Currently it is not yet available in Italy.

Google finally changes the name of the option from “high quality”Storage saver”(Italian translation not known) To better clarify that photos are compressed to take up less space. Alternatively subscribe to Google One (from 1. 1.99 per month) or use Simultaneous service.