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Download Spotify songs: Here are some things to keep in mind

Download Spotify songs: Here are some things to keep in mind

If you want to download Spotify songs in such a way that you can listen to them offline while traveling, it is usually not difficult. What to look for can be found here.

Spotify has been the default support for many users since 2006. Whether on the go or at home, the music streaming service can be found on many devices and gets the most users throughout the day. From podcasts to numerous playlists, you can find a lot here. However, in principle, an internet connection should always be guaranteed. We will show you how to use the following Download Spotify songs Can.

Spotify: How to download songs

The number of artists and music in general is almost limitless with this service. It often happens that you get lost in the number of playlists and find new artists. This is the purpose of Spotify, because the name consists of a suitcase word and two English words, “find” (discover) and “identify” (identify). If you want to use the Swedish streaming service offline, you can also download songs from Spotify. It works on both smartphones and PCs.

If you want to download your favorite songs on your mobile phone, of course you must first go to the Spotify app. Here you have to select a podcast, audiobook, playlist or simply a song and push the latch to the right “Download”. Downloaded items are then marked with a green arrow.

It works very similarly in desktop application. Here, you must first select any title or playlist and then move the latch. After downloading, use the green arrow to see if the download was successful. You will find “offline songs” in the library.

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You need to pay more attention to all of these

So far, these are all very simple, but there are some points you should not ignore. For example, you should always make sure your account is connected to multiple devices. If you want to download songs from Spotify, your account should not be connected to more than five devices. If one-sixth is added, this service removes songs downloaded from a device you have not used in a long time. Additionally, you can not download more than 10,000 titles per device.

Also, Spotify tells you to connect to the Internet at least every 30 days. This means: If you always use the app in offline mode, you should turn it off once a month. It works like this:

  1. First go to the home icon.
  2. Then click the gear icon.
  3. In the next step you go to the menu item “Playback”.
  4. Finally, change the option to “Online”.

Conclusion: Downloading is not rocket science

If you want to download songs from Spotify, you can do it easily using the respective apps on your PC or smartphone. All you have to do is move the “Download Bar” so you can enjoy your favorite podcasts or playlists offline. As already described above you should always make sure that your account is connected to a maximum of five devices.

If you have one, we can also tell you how to unsubscribe Spotify from one device. This is how you can call other members of the Spotify family.

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