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New game in development for Switch?  Nintendo takes charge of the NTCube

New game in development for Switch? Nintendo takes charge of the NTCube

Nintendo’s NDcube division begins with the publication of an Orientation Guide for a Recruitment Campaign in 2021, linked to the development of its sequel Super Mario Party For switch or similar scheme.

The brochure in question is aimed at future employees of the Kyoto House: inside, representatives of the Nintendo subsidiary indicate that they are involved in the implementation of a new project, but do not provide more Information about the relevant IP Or may be short of marketing time.

In addition to the aforementioned Super Mario party, NDcube’s digital forges in the past have cut off other titles in the series of popular minigames inspired by the Japanese company logo. Always in the software home, founded in 2000 after a joint venture between Nintendo Tenzu (Hence the abbreviation ND in the name) We have other works Animal abduction amoeba ceremony, Wee party e Animal crossing pocket camp.

Find out if these improvements will work in a new chapter Party Games Nintendo To better understand, we leave you in our company Super Mario Party Review A tweet for Switch written by Andrea Fontanese and, of course, showing NDQ’s orientation brochure for 2021.

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