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My Shadow Area - Test, Logic & Creative, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

My Shadow Area – Test, Logic & Creative, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Dark Mind Game

It’s time to compare: Limbo and Inside, FAR: Lone Sales or Little Nightmares came to mind, first with the trailer, and then certainly when playing with Shady Part of Me. With its optics between sepia and monochrome, soft melodic music and a lack of dark undertones, it is held in a similar direction to this successful indie title. At the same time, the game often spreads with the limbo features of a limbo, FAR’s Micro Management: Lone Sales or Little Nightmares – these are light and shadow puzzles, box-pushing missions and perspective puzzles. Such elements are familiar to gamers who often come from Creative BSP Brain Twister Crush, PS3 Adventure Rain or Konami’s Beautiful Wee Title The Shadow Runner and Dark Tower Puzzles.

The face of the main character remains a mystery, and sometimes the repressive look also runs through the game.

Finally, not least, now that we’ve got to the story of a little girl’s fears, Shady Part of Me joins relatively young video games that deal with the issue of fears, self-concept or topics related in general. Mental contract. I think of Senua’s Sacrifice: Sea of ​​Solitude, The Down of Light, Celeste, Real Sunlight or Helpplate. Although Shady Part of Me relies on very vague stories to my taste between four hours of play time, scenes (including children’s room, hospital), different profiles of the protagonist and dividing the game into “sessions”, French developers go in any direction with their first work.

In the English original, the main character class is set to compose Hannah Murray music called Goldie (English: Gilly) from Game of Thrones. Louisa Wightsorek gives her voice in German dubbing – Berliner is known from many TV and film productions such as Coroline or Modern Family (she speaks Haley Dunfi) and she recently shined in The Last as Ellie’s German Voice: Part 2. Unfortunately, this time, too Cloudy with a whirlwind direction – the player is often unaware of which of the two egos speaks, making it difficult to understand conversations for long periods of time.

Me and my shadow

Nursery Puzzles: Below "3D area" Let's move a box

Puzzles in the children’s room: Let’s move a box below the “3D area”, which also changes the 2D shadow in the upper half of the picture.

Except for a few paragraphs, there is a clear duality in the game: in the upper half of the image I guide the shadow of the image through 2d columns, in the lower part I control the real woman in 3D. Without the two player mode (which I would have liked to see), Shady Part of Me is a collaborative experience for one person. Because only through the cooperation of two figures – you can switch back and forth at the press of a button – improvement at both levels is possible. Typical example: 2D shadow crossing a thorny lake, rising to an immovable square. Change. The 3D woman pushes around a cube whose shadow is a square in the 2D plane. Change. The 2D number on this “boat” has reached the other bank and can continue to jump down.

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