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According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will get "many more" new features

New CPU requests still lock Zen 1

With the introduction of Windows 11, not only new features for the operating system, but also new system requirements were announced. In addition to mandatory TPM-2 support, the list of officially supported ones is particularly important Processors For the confusion.

Work again with the controls

In System Requirements released in June Microsoft has listed a number of supported processors, but some models are not expected to be supported. This particularly affected AMD’s Raison 1000 processors and Intel’s KP Lake Alice Core 7000. The latter also confirmed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Studio 2 tablets launched in 2017 and 2018 would not support Windows 11.

The following review was not explicitly asked by Microsoft, so the company recently updated its list of supported processors. With no more newcomers, it seems more promising than that. According to Microsoft, a compatibility analysis shows that Intel’s Core 7000 processors from the X and W lineup should be compatible with Windows 11. Most specimens of the KP Lake generation are still missing.

There is one conditional exception to the Core i7-7820HQ built into Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2. Selected devices with DCH drivers (Declared hardware support applications), Which includes Surface Studio 2, so it should be compatible with Windows 11 as well.

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At AMD’s Raison 1000 processors, apparently no change. According to Microsoft, processors have been explored in conjunction with AMD, but this is not included in the list of supported processors. If you have a suitable model, you can still use Windows 11: so far, it is possible to install on computers without official support.

“After a careful examination of the first generation AMD Zen processors in partnership with AMD, we together decided that there were no additions to the CPU list.”

If you do not know if your own operating system is compatible with Windows 11, you can use the Microsoft tool to help PC health test To fall back. It is already available with a related update Ready for Windows Insider. The update should be officially released in a few weeks.

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