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New chapter on mobile projects and Mana's 30th anniversary in Shambhala - News

New chapter on mobile projects and Mana’s 30th anniversary in Shambhala – News

However, there was something new in Father Square Enix Hood, especially the announcement of a new project Free to play Titled Echoes of Mana, in preparation for 2022 on iOS / Android smartphones. Developed by Lightflyer Studios, the Action-RPG Guild / Guild duo combines the series’ iconic characters and creates its own trio by switching from one to another at will. And to ensure that fans and their wallets reach out very easily, even characters who have not yet benefited from the original voices will be entitled to their nominated voice actor. It should be noted that this is an international announcement, as this title will be exploited for a global release outside of Japan, as this trailer was posted on the official Square Enix US YouTube account.

Another confirmation that will amaze those who are already trained in consoles and computers: Mana’s tests will also offer a variation on smartphones, already priced at July 15 in Japan Premium From 2,940 yen (22). This adaptation benefits from brand new menus for tactile use, new automatic features such as a virtual keyboard, auto-target, automatic camera and automatic combat to enter its name, not to mention the possibility of adjusting the graphic quality according to the phone. Backups can be protected Cloud. For those with mild memory impairment, Mana’s experiments are up to date and in 3D Sequence Tencetz 3, the episode has long been exclusive to Japan.

On the page announcements page, the publisher also confirmed the latest Remaster HD In order to connect the typewriter to the original version, the Legend of Mana will benefit from the fall update in Japan, thus fulfilling the wishes of frustrated fans who will never see their cats and their canes again like the Pseudomonas. The legend of Mana Still, Square Enix is ​​planning an adaptation Anime Entitled Mana’s Seiken Tensetsu legend-teardrop crystal-, Co-produced with Warner Bros. Japan. This is the latest in anticipation of the upcoming cartoon Remaster Opened with a fantastic new Katskin. Finally, for LINE message users, Seals Mana’s legend will appear tomorrow, the 30th anniversary. When we talk about beautiful examples, The Pixel Artist The famous Kazuko Shibuya split a description and a little message of that time and recalled that 30 years ago the product was always preserved, a small group of three shades (black, white, gray) and seven at a time.

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But the final word went to producer Masashi Oyamada, who confirmed that a new episode “Aimed at Consoles” is currently operating within teams. “We wish we could have made a better announcement right now, but the 30th anniversary celebrations have only just begun. Frankly, growth is ongoing. Wait a little longer for the announcement. Mr. Ishii (the show’s creative director, Enta) saw it the next day. That’s about it. We still have a long way to go in terms of growth. The game is designed for consoles, so we hope you will wait for it.“. And for a series that everyone wanted to forget Episode 4 Indiana Jones, The announcement of a new component should be clear until the task.