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New applications: Leatherbound, in3D, LinkBin

Here are 4 messages Apps now released for our iPhone and iPod, including Leatherbound, in 3D, LinkPin.

In order to provide you with the best app releases from the App Store, the selection of the week was made by our team. Make a good discovery and tell us what new processor you have taken!

Leatherbound Icon of iPad iPhone iPadLeatherbound (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.1.0, 6 Mo, iOS 15.0, Sam Davis)

Leatherbound is a great way to track the pounds in your life. It allows you to save and manage the books you read, want to read and have already read.

Its characteristics are as follows:

– The best widgets on the home screen to show the progress of books
– Complete management of read, completed or upcoming books
– Search and filter your entire library
– Uninterrupted sync across all your devices
– Export / import your entire library via CSV

Download the free app Leatherbound

leatherbound capture application ipa iphone ipad

Mixsteps Icon Processor iPad iPhoneMixsteps (App, iPhone, v1.0.2, 58 Mo, iOS 15.0, Jack Nelson)

Multi-line music player with Mixsteps smart mix!

Multiple queues allow you to keep your place in multiple albums or playlists at once, and you can easily switch between them. Would you rather keep your place on that album than listen to an album at the gym and start over? Use a row for the gym, work, leisure or whatever you want and switch between them. Ideal for staying in the zone and moving from place to place or activity. Each sequence remembers your music, mixing and repeating settings and your functions.

Smart compounds will be automatically updated based on the conditions you set. You can create smart combinations from situations like type, artist, year and update automatically whenever you open the app.

Download the free app Mixsteps

Mixsteps IP is an application that catches the iPhone

in3d icone app ipa iphoneIn 3D (App, iPhone, v1.4.2, 145 Mo, iOS 13.0, GoodSIZE INC.)

Now create your avatar and start playing while you simulate, try different outfits and styles to see how they fit your body. Create many fun and attractive animations that you can share with your friends!

With In3D, you can reproduce yourself as a photosynthetic 3D avatar with your phone’s camera. Create your photosynthetic 3D avatar in ten seconds, with a simple video recording of your “selfie”.


– Try on dresses and styles in your avatar
– Photorealistic cut and dress style in your avatar.
– Change tops, pants, dresses, shoes and create your own look and style.

Download the free app In 3D

in3d capture application ipa iphone

Linkpin Icon Application iPad iPhone iPodLinkpin (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.4, 27 Mo, iOS 14.0, David Haydl)

Always want to save links later, but other apps that do that are too heavy? Enter LinkBin. Save links in seconds and rediscover anytime – that’s all, nothing more.


Save links by pasting them into the app or using the share sheet.
– Organize them using labels
– When you no longer need the link, you can archive it.
Works on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, and is all synced via iCloud.

Download the free app Linkpin

Linkpin Capture Application iPad iPhone iPod

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