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Year-end celebrations: The exemption limit for gifts and vouchers has been raised

New: ACTIV Community Conversation

Publiredac – Helps to establish quality social conversation. This is the goal set by Tissot Editions’ new document “Conversational Social ACTIV”. Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones.

Documents ” Social Conversation ACTIV Helps employers and social relationship managers to establish effective social dialogue:

  • By having a good understanding of the possibilities of the process and the responsibilities of each (employer, HR, CSE, union representatives, etc.);
  • And by providing them with the means to conclude contracts as close as possible to the needs of the company (wages, organization and arrangement of working hours, health and safety and working conditions).

It deals with both the situation of organizations where CSE and union representatives are present and the situation of those who are not.

Documents ” Social Conversation ACTIV There are more than 200 practice sheets to get all the information you need to know for a particular subject. They are divided into 3 types:

  • “Action”: knowing the proper way to act by respecting the rules;
  • “Knowledge”: Master the whole of a subject;
  • And “abstract”: the summary or information of a complex subject.

You can also use our interactive practices to take action, taking into account the specifics of your business. For each process, you can find:

  • An interactive question-and-answer system;
  • Dedicated space for ideas;
  • Customizable alerts to manage deadlines with reminder notification by email;
  • Automatic creation of personal documents.

We recommend downloading our paper on “Ensuring Professional Equality in Your Company” and “Negotiating a Joint Agreement on Professional Equality between Women and Men” to assist you and test the relevant interactive process.

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In addition to practice sheets and procedures, documents ” Social Conversation ACTIV “Give it to you:

  • With over 430 national, regional and sectoral agreements to choose from, unlimited online access to your collective agreement is fully renewed;
  • Access to the full labor code;
  • Sample database (contracts, charters, summons, etc.). ;
  • Updated alerts.

Do not wait any longer to order Social Conversation ACTIV And take advantage of our introductory offer -10%.