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Netflix plays with transparency and publishes rankings of the most popular movies and series in each country

Netflix plays with transparency and publishes rankings of the most popular movies and series in each country

Often accused of playing with numbers (someone who watches an episode for only a few minutes will count whoever watched it all season), Netflix is ​​trying to improve itself with a new site dedicated to its most popular shows.
On Netflix Top 10The site, now in English and Spanish, has a weekly ranking of the most viewed shows on the streaming platform. Four different categories are offered: English Movies, Non-English Films, English Series and Non-English Series. This ranking will be updated every Tuesday.

Popularity is measured in hours

On Netflix Top 10, We do not count the number of people who watched a show, but how many minutes we used. This means that those who watch a movie multiple times or submit multiple scenes will affect their position in the rankings.
Netflix also indicates the number of consecutive weeks in a program’s top 10 to indicate whether its success is quick or timeless. Some statistics make you dizzy, more than 148 million hours of film Red notice For example, it was viewed around the world from November 8th to November 14th.

Netflix Top 10 Recommended to focus on a specific country. Here, we lose the number of hours we have seen (probably because Netflix does not want to know it) and we can access specific rankings for dozens of countries. You may be disappointed though, all rankings are the same.
Netflix also highlights every comparison with other countries under the top 10. We notice that number 1 is the same everywhere.

100% Netflix content

To show that it wants to be transparent, Netflix offers anyone to download its new listings in TSV or XLSX formats. We imagine that some people can mix all this data together to create interesting interactive experiences.
In each category, the historically top 10 recommended how many hours a show was viewed in the 28 days following its first broadcast. For example, we found Season 1 Bridgeton The most popular (625.4 million hours) in Netflix history.

However, you will notice that only the original Netflix programs available in all countries are counted in these ratings, so as not to create variations between different countries. We think specifically Friends Not available in the US on Netflix. In the absence of these classics, a surprise Netflix Top 10 Really fair.

Find out more in the video:

At, there is also a section The biggest hits on Netflix It integrates non-original programs. However, its mechanism is unknown.

Source: Frontroid

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