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Netflix, new “fast laughs” feature: what is it?

Netflix, which is constantly evolving from a site and functional perspective, has announced a new “fast laugh” feature; The new frontier of comedy proposed by the world’s most popular streaming site is a series of short comic clips taken from shows and TV series to get laughter in no time.

Netflix Has decided to reward him 200 million subscribers For their loyalty with a new feature; “Laughs fast“, Or“ quick laugh ”, comes with all devices iOS.

Sometimes what is needed, even in the “dead” moments of the day, is simply Laugh about it; What is better than Shorts Parts of the electrical series sit-com Most liked in recent years?

Remember a lot Fodder of Dictok, This is the new customer application interface IPhone, Runs fullscreen movies vertically. Over there Revolution The corner is around, especially Possible Such function.

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Why is “fast laughing” pure genius?


How many times was it in your head Ft A popular show you saw the night before? Automatically you went Desperate search That piece from the app, or you tried the approach Web light.

Well, “Fast Laughter” doesn’t just make you Save time But it no longer has to allow the user Bear on another platform Search for a humorous moment. The feature tested on the iPhone allows the user Share the sketch Humor with their contacts and social uses; One thing is possible Live sharing This is the most important step in other channels.

Netflix becomes one with a quick laugh Incubator Another type Entertainment, I.e. short comic clips Virus In the short term; High quality and the possibility to create your own favorites list, one directly from the app FutureEntertainment.

This function of the application is only available at this time USA, Canada, UK e Australia But, very soon, parallel to the appropriate tests Android It will come Enabled In other countries.

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