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Netflix is ​​testing a feature that will never go out of the movies and series

Netflix is ​​testing a feature that will never go out of the movies and series

On Netflix, too much selection sometimes kills the choice and too much presentation makes it hard to figure out which content to watch tonight. Platform teams are aware of this “problem” and already have the tools to guide the user towards the programs they are interested in.

The algorithm often does its job well. But today, SVD is accelerating in this regard by using a giant object Download Tamil Clever. The idea? Automatically download and store customized content that will thrill the subscriber locally.

AI anticipating your desires

Today we are launching downloads for you, a new feature that automatically downloads recommended shows or movies of your choice on your mobile device..

On paper, this system will give you a start and anticipate possible trips by car or train without web or access. It remains to be seen whether his recommendations are really relevant.

You can control this feature from the download tab of the Netflix mobile app. It only enables WiFi and allows you to choose the space dedicated to programs (1GB, 3GB or 5GB) without having to empty your data plan.

The introduction has already started on Android and the testing phase will start on iOS soon.

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