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Netflix: How to Automatically Download Recommended Content?

In general, with Netflix, the table will always be something to watch out for as it is adequately provided and updated. But the streaming platform still wants to help us, and often uses new and more useful functions like “Downloads for You”, which allows you to automatically download your favorite movies and series. So “TOUDOUM” will never stop.

This is a situation that is commonly known to everyone who uses Netflix: fear of the blank page, fear of the black screen, not knowing which series to start after finishing one.

This doubt can come from a number of reasons: either we have not found anything, or are afraid to go down in a series that already has 6 seasons on the clock, or the poster does not seem very attractive to us, or (it is most likely): we can not determine all the series we want to watch, and set aside our popular list We have. So to help us choose which project to launch next, Netflix is ​​constantly deploying new functions. A few weeks ago, the streaming platform Netflix Direct introduced a schedule of programs similar to Two Drops of Lemon on TV, which airs shows at specific times of the day, in which we may fall into a movie or a series that one has never planned to watch. This time, it is a function that has been announced and tested since 2019, the site that creates the “TOUDOUM” used for mobile phones: Downloads for you.

If you are used to using Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, you can use the feature already called Automatic download. When the device is connected to WiFi, it allows you to start downloading the following episodes of the series you are watching. To accommodate, even delete those already seen. So, even if you haven’t thought about downloading Season 4 Part B episodes Rick and Morty Before leaving for your Paris-Rupee train, Netflix “thought” about this for you, and will allow you to embark on a pleasant journey.

Netflix wants to download for you (legally)

This function is very useful because it does not require streaming view, and internet access (as soon as the episode is downloaded) will soon be joined by someone else, which pushes the consultation further. Downloads for you Offers for downloads (always only when the device is connected to WiFi, so as not to burn your package data) Chapters or pictures are recommended for you. That is, programs that are not on your list, but programs that you like, you may have already seen. So, rather than sharing someone you only see with your little sister, you are more interested in having your own profile on an account Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol Endless. Of course, this is only an option (currently being tested on Android devices), you can disable it if you do not want to use it. You can activate it by going to the menu and configure the storage space (1GB, 3GB or 5GB) that you decide to leave. Download Tamil Of the application, then the section Smart downloads.

DOUDUM: The fear of the black screen will soon disappear.

Find all Netflix programs on the streaming platform, available from the SFR box and available on all your smartphones after subscription.

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