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Netflix, free games on Android but not streaming: Revolution upside down?  -

Netflix, free games on Android but not streaming: Revolution upside down? –

Netflix It was announced today that it will be available in rotation mode Free games For subscribers to the device holding service Android, But it is not – exciting – content within Streaming Software that can be downloaded and installed locally, rather than by regular downloads.

As we announced, the first five games available for free in Italy are Stranger Things 3: Game (our review here), retro-style action Stranger Things: 1984, Puzzle game Card burst, Physical arcade Dieter Up And casual sports games Shooting rings.

In short, we are not talking about topics with extraordinary production value or exciting blockbusters, which is the second thing that seems strange in this process. In general, these types of moves are characterized by the addition of high quality games, which can sometimes push subscriptions further due to their popularity.

The five titles made available by Netflix are instead all internal products of the streaming site, the aforementioned Stranger Things 3: Game, despite its pride, is undoubtedly full-bodied and versatile with pixel art graphics. Lots of product.

Stranger Things 3: The game is a kind of rolling fighting game with a balanced view

In short, we expect the feeling of having to continue on the American giant Dipto, gradually, to grow the offer to subscribe to subscribers with these interesting additional ambitions. It depends on how the content is received by the users, if the feedback is positive and so on.

A systematic strategy, but it is true that the best of the company when it comes to streaming content does not want to choose this technology.

Google Stadia, Controller of Official Artwork
Google Stadia, Controller of Official Artwork

We are talking about a concept added by Google Stadia, through Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia and, Amazon Luna and PlayStation Now, with some variations on the theme.

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Anything that can count the number of sites that Netflix has installed (it was almost calculated in 2020) 200 million subscribers Payment) and its transaction quality should at this point stop and reflect the opportunity to invest multiple resources in a form that they can fight for a number of reasons.

What do you think about the Netflix move? What is this plugin expected for subscribers? Were you surprised that these are downloadable and not streaming content? Let’s talk about.