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Raison CPU and Windows 11 Performance Issues, Update Dates

Raison CPU and Windows 11 Performance Issues, Update Dates

Two performance issues Identified by Microsoft and AMD With new Windows 11 They will be official Solved next week With the distribution of updates through Windows Update.

Reported by Wccftech, The October 19 An update will fix the issue This significantly affects the L3 cache delay, It triples its capacity and disables all applications that are sensitive to access times for the memory subsystem. “Expect 3-5% performance impact on infected apps, 10-15% potential on commonly used sports games,” AMD wrote in its note.

Other thread planning error will be corrected two days later on October 21st. In practice, the UEFI CPPC2 (“Optional Core”) function should not be used as a priority for fast processor hubs by companies. “Applications that sense the performance of one or more CPU threads may reveal Reduced performance“, AMD explained. In particular, the performance impact is” very noticeable with processors with 8 or more cores and DPP above 65W “.

So do not trust the first overall update (patch Tuesday) of Windows 11 distributed now, it will not solve these problems. In fact, it looks like some of the online tests carried out by a user with the Raison 7 2700X “Pinnacle Ridge” Show more performance degradation Regarding the delay of L3 cache.

Fortunately, updates are around the corner and should be tested on Windows 11 not only for AMD CPU owners, but also for the arrival of Alderlake CPUs, whose “engine” is particularly new and optimized Hybrid architecture from Intel.