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Themes of communications

For more than sixty years of the twentieth century, corporate communication has truly followed the guidelines drawn by psychologist Daniel Starch, author of the first article on advertising technologies, which is why it is considered the father of modern marketing.
For example, he was responsible for switching from the brand’s simple advertising to creating content aimed at delivering product quality and performance to the public: the Swedish carmaker Volvo was the protagonist in the late 1950s, who decided to give maximum importance to the introduction of the quality of the “three-point” seat belts invented by his engineer Nils Bohlin. Did. Another example, shortly after and very close to our field, the American Boston Whaler, to demonstrate the unsinkability of his open boats, quickly became famous, cut the famous ad in one of its hulls by photography in half, but floats exactly.

Boston-Whale-cut in half

Therefore, the emotional aspect of the message refers to two dangerous modes of transport – car and boat – that are connected in a direct and practical way to the safety theme, which is considered to be more important, serious and concrete than the others. The now widely accepted leap away from long distance communication strategy is enormous. Without going into the details of this path, corporate communication today focuses on the media – through press releases – and through the public – through advertising – placing very different ideas and values. First, then the uniqueness, location, domestic comfort and consumption economy.

Always ignore security related aspects. Subsequently, the classic on-board visits – which are still a matter of communication – aim to forget the rest and show and improve the same features. A story of many: A few weeks ago, a talented press officer of a reputed shipyard, when visited, was surprised when he believed that it would end because he had already magnified the extreme elegance and value of the rooms. I asked him to go to the machine room, the marble used in the bathroom.

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Also, when I noticed some of the basic wonders of his system, precisely in terms of security, without any embarrassment – he openly said that he could not give me a technical answer, not an engineer. Apparently, in his eyes I was arguing about strange and trivial matters in any case.

Coratino Carpe