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"Netflix and some": It works without a smart TV

“Netflix and some”: It works without a smart TV

The fact that Netflix only works on smart TVs is a thing of the past. From TV sticks to streaming devices, there are now many alternatives so that movies offered by the American streaming service can be enjoyed on older generation televisions. We will introduce you to the different options and reveal how you can get the most out of your old box.

Little helper: Fire TV stick

Let’s start with the TV stick variant. The TV stick is a mobile stick that is inserted into the TV’s HDMI input. The stick then streams the respective content to your TV set via WLAN. So far there is no special Netflix TV stick, but a practical alternative from competitor Amazon. You can buy the Fire TV Stick on Amazon, insert it into the device and download the Netflix app for free. Finally log in to your Netflix account and start the movie and series fun. If you have a TV with 4K capability, you can even get an improved version of the Fire TV Stick 4K to ensure razor-sharp image.

If you do not have WiFi: You can connect the device to the LAN cable via the Amazon Ethernet adapter.

Via mobile phone, PC or tablet: Google Chromecast

If you already have a streaming device such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone, you can easily switch the streaming function to a TV set. This requires a Google Chromecast. You connect it to both WiFi and TV and open the Netflix app on your device – click on “Cast Icon”. The Google Chromecast is not available on Amazon – but there are many similar devices running on Android.

Die Streaming-Box: Apple TV

For those who already know about Apple, Apple TV is a great way to watch Netflix on TV. You do not need to download the app here because the small streaming box comes standard with its own Netflix app. Connected to WiFi and TV sets you can stream Netflix on non-smart TVs. Here, there is a more developed 4K version that provides a sharper image. But even here it is only useful if the TV set resolution is implemented.

For gamers, the following applies: PS3 or PS4 owners can stream Netflix via their game console.

Also check out Netflix Offline

You can view Netflix without an internet connection. You can store movies and series in your Netflix Media Library and play them without the Internet. To do this, the movies must first be downloaded from the Internet. Only then can you do without the internet and start connecting the laptop or tablet to the TV via cable.

Check the connections in advance and get an adapter if needed!

However, having an HDMI port on the TV device is important for all types. This is not an HDMI port, but if it is an older Sport port, you will need the corresponding HDMI-to-Scart adapter.

Also check the connection of the laptop. While regular HDMI cable is often sufficient for newer models, some older laptop models still have a VGA connection. Here, it is important to find the right adapter.

By the way, here’s how to adapt your stereo system to the ultimate streaming experience.

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