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Our last 2, Ellie de Molcenna's Cosplay GOTY -

Naughty Dog thanks The Lost of S2 and asks for support for the next series of games – Nert 4.Life

One year after its release Our last 2, Neil Truckman, Co-Chairman Short dog, Has returned to talk about the game and the tremendous support he has received from studio fans in recent months. In a letter dedicated to his community, he hopes the director of the series will not only talk about the love he has received in the past, but also support it. ” The next series of games“.

The letter, you can see in full This address, It’s been eight years since Joel and Ellie made their debut, and last year’s crazy game release talks about everything from not having a real party with everyone who worked on it yet.

“The development and release of The Lost of S2 was a very personal and exciting journey for all of us. This game came out amidst epidemics. We missed meeting you at public events and talking about the game.” He wrote Neil Truckman.

An artwork featuring a farm from The Lost of S.C.

“We know it’s been a difficult 15 months, and for many of you these challenges persist. We hope to overcome them soon. We can not wait for the day when we can meet again in person!” Then finish by saying: “And when We work For our next series of games, know that your support continues to feed us! Until next time … hold on and survive! “

Definitely thank you news for the past, but it opens doors Future. Of course the part that sparked our interest was “our next game set”, the next team games. A sentence may be thrown away, confirming that the team is working on multiple projects, and may be a small indication that the studio is ready to show things first.

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All hypotheses of course, but now that a year has passed since the release of TLOU2, we can already trust some Symptom Regarding the future of the studio.