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Steine auf dem Mars

NASA: Mars rover takes bizarre photo – “buried skeletons”

In a few more months it will be Mars-Rover diligence Has been active for one year on the Red Planet. So far, he has not found any clear traces of life, but he is sending fascinating images of Mars to Earth. The Twitter account set up by NASA for this vehicle is currently followed by millions of people. However, it does get exciting when published posts show items with duck bumps. So the following copy.

NASA releases interesting image of Mars: Is it a tomb?

The images released by NASA on behalf of Mars are interesting every time. For example, including rock formations “Strange building” on Mars Described. Again, fans of the vehicle and when looking at the picture of Mars you can see amazing descriptions of the records they receive.

A copy is very creepy for a Twitter user. He is not alone in this because Mars is actually called the “Graveyard Planet” by many. So writes a user Nick Stewart March film Shared by NASA redditSpacePorn Account:

“When I think of photos of Mars, I have to think of the partially buried skeletons. The surface was blown away by the wind and exposed to the rock layer beneath. It’s actually a tomb planet.”

Twitter /@nickstew_art

Not just a vague picture of Mars

A large number of half-buried stones can be seen sticking out of the ground. The record was released in August 2021, six months after NASA’s Mars rover began its mission.

Some of these bizarre Martian images were created during the US space agency’s mission to Mars on the Red Planet. The photo that often bothers you on the internet Human bones on the surface of Mars Shows. But in some cases that too Ghost video of the surface of MarsIt draws fans.

Sources: NASA, Twitter / @ redditSpacePorn, Twitter / @nickstew_art

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