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NASA is trying to understand what is wrong with its space exploration

NASA is trying to understand what is wrong with its space exploration

Launched 44 years ago, the Voyager 1 spacecraft continues its journey through galaxy. But the NASA He said on Twitter this Thursday that he was exploring “a mystery” related to the famous space exploration.

Voyager 1 is 23.3 billion kilometers from Earth, but this long distance does not preclude the transmission of valuable scientific data. Engineers from the US space agency may send him follow-up orders. But they are currently having trouble with AACS (“Attitude Expression and Control System”). This device makes it possible to control the orientation of the study, explaining Numeroma, But run the antenna. It should always be towards our planet.

No serious problem

“All indications are that AACS is still active, but the telemetry data it provides are incorrect,” NASA found. This problem has not yet had serious consequences. Fault protection system is not enabled. In this case, only the primary steps of the study will work. “NASA is pleased to see that Voyager 1’s signal is not weak, suggesting that the high – gain antenna is in its recommended orientation. Earth “.

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Engineers will continue their exams. In the meantime, they are adapting. Considering the distance between Voyager 1 and the site, it takes two days to send and receive an order. NASA is well aware that this study is approaching 45 years of age and that it may fall Fracture any time.