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Our last part 3 on the PS5?  Wrote the first draft of the Naughty Dog plot

Our last part 3 on the PS5? Wrote the first draft of the Naughty Dog plot

Regarding the possibility Watch our last part: Part 3 comes on PS5, Director of Sports Neil Truckman It was initially revealed in the fall of 2020, but now important updates have arrived.

Recently intervened on the podcast Except for the script, Face Short dog Mainly the writing process was discussed Our last part 2, Only to engage in an interesting anticipation of the possible Our Last: Part 3. “I do not know how much we expect, – Truckman started – But me and Holy Cross [co-sceneggiatrice di The Last of Us: Parte 2] We wrote the first lesson, That It is not currently in development. However, I hope he can see the light one day, and explore a little of what happens after The Lost of S: Part 2. We’ll see. ” In this first difficult plot of the PS4 game series, Naughty Dog unfortunately did not provide additional details.

Neil Truckman revealed it further Naughty Dog had a lot of discussion internally Our last: Part 3. Possibilities for preparation: Part 3. These types of projects, explained to the director, really require a lot of time and energy, keeping him busy with Part 2 for 7 years. For this reason, he explains, the team needs to be “Absolutely thrilling“From the idea of ​​continuity.”When concluding one of our best topics, – Speca Truckman – We take Long time to explore different ideas, This is our last 3, new, or some old series we want to update. Fully explore all of these possibilities and then say, ‘Well, we have all of these ideas. As a team, what do we want to dedicate ourselves to? Because it’s a huge commitment – money, time, interest, talent – so it’s worth thinking about all the alternatives.“.

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At this time, therefore, a Our Last: Part 3 Per PlayStation 5 It is not in development, but it is not excluded that it may see light in the future. In the meantime, Our last: Part 2 has won 300 GOTYs.