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Napoli, Alvino cambia idea su Gattuso: sui social è bufera

Naples, Download Alvino Kutuzo: This Is The Storm On Social Media | Social | Social | Game and go

Further Carlo Alvino Download Tamil Gennaro Kattuso After a sensational failure Verona. Naples In the second half, the area was re-assembled Champions And a worrying decline in drama and results: in fact, even for the journalist-fan, criticism at the end of the match is unavoidable.

Naples, Carlo Alvino’s tweet

The journalist’s message on his profile is here, preceded by a personal comment: “too much confusion”.

“I have always been a defender கட்டுசோ Because many injuries represent the season, many times the negative result does not reflect the given performance and the football chaos at the time of Govt brings ups and downs, but the overall chaos seen today is a very worrying fact. From the bench today he spread insecurity, but not for sure. Can the situation be put on its feet quickly? Football is not waiting for anyone. “

Alvino in Katzo, reactions

Many fans sharing the journalist’s comments. “ZERO GAME! 16 players in one toy !! HUNT IT”, an invitation from a supporter. “கட்டுசோ Out “, even if someone proposes another hashtag:”Joints Instead Carmine asks: “But is he unworthy of renewal? Go”. And Piaggio insists: “Late comment”.

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