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A new film Gray Warden - Nert 4. marks the return of life

A new film Gray Warden – Nert 4. marks the return of life

New movie of the Dragon Age

Published by a New movie of Age of the Dragon This means coming back Gray Warden In the series. This is not a stolen artwork because it was published by the regular producer of the game, the regular Christian Daily, who obviously wants to focus on this project, although in this case he can not show anything.

Without many mysteries, the picture shows a gray warden, i.e. inside his gold-gray armor. Behind it is an unidentified mountain. Finally, the dragon age symbol removes any doubt about its characterArtwork.

The Gray Warden was based on the Dragon Age: Saga’s first episode, Origins, but was hidden in Dragon Age 2. In the Dragon Age: Inquiry They Return for a Questline, the second chapter in a much less secluded role than the one that touched him.

Little is known about the rest of the New Dragon Age. A few weeks ago the Daily released another work of art, while it looks like this game will basically be single player.

We remind you of the rest Bioware We have not yet announced the sites that can run it. Imagine anyway on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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