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Name Confirmation and Internal Preview Leak

Name Confirmation and Internal Preview Leak

Microsoft should actually call Sun Valley the next update of Windows 11. The first creation of the new system is leaked and shows a little more.

Microsoft will launch the new Windows on June 24

Microsoft to release new Windows on June 24 // Source: Microsoft

This is now the next known version of Windows Codenamed Sun Valley Microsoft will be called to deliver on June 24th Windows 11. Obviously, there is still a chance for a last minute change until Microsoft officially announces it, but it is not very likely for us at this time.

Bundles are bundled together in Windows 11

Microsoft started Advertising The name Windows 11 is very subtle. Surely Official invitation to the June 24 event, You can see that the shadow cast by the “window” is not cut horizontally, as in creating the number 11. This is even more apparent when compared to an image released on April 7 by an official Microsoft design account. Inspiration for the call.

We see the same scene with full shadow. This comparison is also called another clue about Windows 11. According to our sources, this blue will be used for Windows 10 logo, marketing images and design codes. This is its color. Definition.

It’s the same blue that appears in this promo image for the new Windows.

Creation points leaked for Windows 11

For months, Microsoft had not actually offered to test the Sun Valley for users of the Insider program. The company has revealed its habit of making new products locally on June 24 before releasing several new products simultaneously. This does not prevent employees of the company from accessing the initial stages, sometimes posting images that they should not have posted.

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A creation that says “Do not take screenshots of this creation” is currently circulating on the web. Evan Plass mentions it in a tweet pointing to the name Windows 11.

From the “Do not take screenshots of this creation” field: Microsoft OS, also known as Windows 11.

– Evan Plus (vevleaks) June 3, 2021

We can also mention this tweet from Windows Central reporter Jack Bowden, which is no doubt.


– Jack Botan (ac Jack Botan) June 3, 2021

In addition to these sources, Microsoft’s next operating system name is Windows 11 which we now believe in Frontroid.

New Windows 11 settings

We were able to get an advanced but unfinished screen shot of the structure of the Sun Valley. Although Microsoft has not shown anything more or less publicly, the development of this update is already very advanced. We should expect a major graphic change of the system. This screenshot shows a reset of Windows 11 systems.

In between changes we can see the menu layout similar to what Microsoft Edge offers today and the colorful icons now compared to Windows 10. This is a version in development and the end result may be different.

Why is the name Windows 11 so important?

If the name is too stressed, it has a special meaning to Microsoft. When Windows 10 was introduced in 2015, the company insisted that it was the last version of the operating system. Windows 10 will be updated “for life” as a service. So switching to Windows 11 is very important for Microsoft. This is a clear example of how the Windows panel has changed direction and era. With this change Panos Banai who wants to imprint its own strategy on Windows and its footprint is now leading it.

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Basically, that doesn’t mean that Windows 10 and 11 are really two different operating systems. Windows 11 will probably be based on the ND10.0 kernel, and updates from Windows 10 to Windows 11 should be free, so as not to lose the large installed base of Windows 10 machines. The latter will be constantly updated with Microsoft regarding security updates and new technologies. For example, DirectX will be updated in Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. The company should explain this choice and justify it with major changes to the user experience.