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Mysterious fire in Luca district ends in Hyundai Ducen flames

Mysterious fire in Luca district ends in Hyundai Ducen flames

LECCE – A fire broke out in the afternoon in the Luka district of Lisa. To be destroyed, with the risk of spreading the flames to nearby vehicles and homes, the Hyundai Ducen. The fire broke out just before 7pm, in short, a fire that must have originated from the engine compartment – completely closing the vehicle owned by a 46-year-old woman who lives in the area.

The incident took place not far from the boundary wall of the former “Galatio” hospital, where it meets Bruno Condobelli via Articara. The road is dark, narrow and where vehicles are parked too close. Therefore, the intervention of the agents of a police car may have been the basis because the methane running car parked next to Duson was at risk of catching fire. Before the situation became even more “glowing”, the police moved it.

Firefighters intervened on the spot to extinguish the remaining flames and begin the first investigation to determine the origin of the fire, which caused minor damage to a nearby house. At present, however, the nature of the flames is not yet clear. Police also passed through Condobelli from the police station for further investigation into the episode. We now know that Duson was stopped two hours before the fire. Investigations will eventually clarify whether this may have been an accident or whether someone was behind it.