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Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date -

Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date –

Abandoned It continues on everyone’s lips and even the Blue Box development team seems to be riding this situation, now the announcement via Twitter a Postponement It was decided to implement its specification Processor, Which will be implemented June 25, So three days later than previously announced.

One of the strangest elements of the whole thing, it makes one think Hideo Kojima It is likely to be a Silent Hill, It is precisely true that the Blue Box team decided to release a (supposedly) specific app for the PS5 with the aim of allowing you to watch abandoned trailers. The fact that such a complex choice has been made for a game that should have been a simple semi-unknown indie on the PS5 has raised suspicion, given the frenzy that has been spreading for days now.

The application was announced to be executed on the 20th, then it was changed to the 22nd, finally delayed again, 2521 scheduled for 25th June. From the message “Application a bootIntroduction Can explain the functionality of the application and how to use it “.

The beauty is that this delay has sparked more rumors about the possibility of an official Sony presentation this week on the subject, perhaps one Game level June 24. Now, which comes out of the abandoned Blue Box is interpreted as part of a strange puzzle to solve. One thing is for sure: Blue Box actually causes a significant setback in the fact that Hideo Kojima, Silent Hill or any other major title is actually hidden behind the question, or that nothing proposed by the various theories should occur.

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However, to refresh you in this matter, we refer to the in-depth study of the Abandoned and the crazy theory about Kojima’s Silent Hill and Geoff Keegley’s recent confirmation in this regard.