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Immerse yourself in ancient Rome with a new game video for the forgotten city

Immerse yourself in ancient Rome with a new game video for the forgotten city

Find out now in this new described game.

Independent Australian Studio Modern Storyteller has released a full release, along with Dear Villagers The new movie trailer will last 9 minutes. The Forgotten City A story game that perfectly blends investigation and research. This game is based on re-imagining Mod Of the same name Downloaded more than 3 million times.

Trapped A secret underground city frozen during the time of the Roman Empire, Lost twenty-three souls stuck in life. In this fantasy, if one is broken The Mysterious Golden Rule, Everyone is dying. A time traveler who has trained for two thousand years in the past, you Update their last moments in an endless cycle. Explore the city and interview its citizens to change the course of the day with every secret you reveal.

“The Lancer The Forgotten City A dream come true for new generation consoles. ”Said Nick Pierce, founder of Modern Storytelling. “This is the story we’ve always wanted to tell: a capture and touch mystery that players can revive again and again!”

🏺 The Forgotten City Landing July 2021 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

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