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My Nintendo in the US is once again offering physical rewards

My Nintendo in the US is once again offering physical rewards

Here is a step that should delight many fans even if it is not accessible to everyone. In fact, we’re going to talk about my Nintendo here for US residents, outdoor shipping is not possible.

After four years of absence, it is time to withdraw the physical rewards My Nintendo, You can get it by retrieving points earned during our purchase or by logging into my Nintendo site every week (you know, little guy running after an area, which you have to click on). To find out what’s up now, address here:

Obviously, those who say that shipping costs to receive physical rewards are not always cheap. But this is welcome again.

And to Europe?

On our page, keep in mind that a few items have appeared in recent weeks.

Collection of eight Splatoon 2 postcards, 10×14 format in matte finish, 99 6.99 for shipping to France.

Two small notebooks with 50 pages, size 12×12 cm Paper Mario the Origami King, are available back in France at a shipping cost of € 6.99.

A Dodo Airlines polyester cloth bag, 29x36x19 cm, with fabric and rubber handle, still available for 6.99

Eight Hanafuda Mario postcards, 9×14.8 cm format, are also available for 6.99 shipping. All of the products listed above can be obtained for up to 400 platinum points each time.

It will be understood that you are all interested in choosing a board delivery to alleviate the painful levels of shipping costs, although in this case it is the costs on the total weight payout that will be taken into account to define the final shipment, you will know when ordering.

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