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MWC 2021: Samsung launches OneUI on its next Galaxy Watch

MWC 2021: Samsung launches OneUI on its next Galaxy Watch

Using Mobile World Congress 2021, Samsung has announced that its next integrated watches will integrate the OneUI Watch interface, in addition to the root, operating system in conjunction with Google.

A month after Google I / O formalized Wear, Samsung says a little more about the OS of its connected watches. To slip some aspects of the new common operating system between Samsung and Google, the Korean manufacturer Mobile World Congress used its virtual conference in 2021. The Galaxy Watch 4 integrates the Korean signature interface ONUI into its Galaxy S range.

OneUI as the gateway to the smartphone

Attending its partner conference, Google promised that the new operating system would not only provide better performance and extended autonomy, but also provide an optimal platform for developers. Root also uses the API and tools common to Android, the primary operating system on smartphones. Keep in mind that the application ecosystem is an important issue for Google and Samsung, which will be one of the main reasons for the partnership. So this site already offers some services, with access to GAFAM’s G for a variety of primary applications, but also access to reputable partners such as Spotify, Quiet or Strava.

For its part, Samsung is announcing that the root of its future Galaxy Watch will not come alone. It will be with the OneUI interface familiar to smartphone users. From this, watches borrow the aesthetics of the icons, but not the parameters. These will be similar to those available on the brand’s smartphones. Also, when one cross function is activated, it will be automatically activated in another, for example when you want to switch to “Do Not Disturb” mode. Similarly, if the downloaded application on the smartphone is available on the watch, it will be downloaded automatically. Finally, the different time zones selected on the smartphone are automatically available on a clock. Between iOS and watchOS, the connection between smartphones and Samsung connected watches will increase.

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The Galaxy Watch was launched on August 4th

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch 4 is not yet available at this MWC 2021 conference. So, we will have to wait until August 3 and the unpacked conference to see the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 at the same time as the new mobiles. Bags from the manufacturer. Finally, the latest Tyson attached watches are not forgotten and benefit from three years of security updates.